Quincy Chamber of Commerce to decide if it will support QPS referendum

The Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce is working to figure out if it will support the Quincy Public Schools tax referendum.

Chamber Executive Director Latonya Brock said she sent out a survey to all the chamber members, asking if they would vote for the referendum.

She said the chamber takes a stand on issues that could impact the business community.

Brock said so far, 60 percent of members said they plan to vote no.

"It affects if we're going to have more workforce added to the labor force," Brock said. "It's going to affect how people do businesses and it's also going to affect who stays in Quincy and who leaves as well. We certainly want to have a great education system, but there's mandates that have to be met. We wanted to make sure the membership is aware of that."

Brock said not everyone has filled out the survey. The chamber plans to send a press release to announce its stand on the issue, next week.

Source: https://wgem.com/2020/02/05/quincy-chamber-of-commerce-to-decide-if-it-will-support-qps-referendum/

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