Business owners weigh in on 45×30 plan’s retail incentives

Local business owners are weighing in on tax incentives the city of Quincy is set to propose next week. It's all part of Mayor Kyle Moore's 45x30 plan.

Part of those incentives are aimed at filling large vacant buildings like the former Sears building but the question is will these incentives work?

Emerald City Jewelers owner Sheri Busse said her store feels different now that the former Shopko building is vacant.

"At first it was a little frightening but not so much now," said Busse.

But she said that vacancy does it have its benefits for her store now.

"We're a little bit more out in the open. People notice us just as much, maybe better than before," said Busse.

But there's a new strategy to fill those vacant stores. An ordinance to authorize three retail initiatives is expected to go before Quincy City Council on Monday.

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