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Emma Hildebrand

Empower the People Founder & Miss Quincy 

I graduated from Unity High School in 2017 with just 55 students in my class. Following high school, I went to a small liberal arts college called Monmouth College​ and majored in political science with a history minor. During undergrad, I was involved in multiple political organizations, editor in chief of my school newspaper, and a moot court participant and top advocate. I graduated from Monmouth College with my B.A. in just three years. I currently attend the

University of Notre Dame Law School and will graduate in 2023.

My work experience includes an internship under Illinois State Senator Jil Tracy, a summer internship for the Illinois Governor's Office of Constituent Affairs, multiple campaign positions, and an internship in the Office of Political Affairs under the Executive Office of the President in the White House. 

I have a brother and a sister, two cats, a dog, and a guinea pig that serves as my emotional support animal (ESA). I enjoy reading historical fiction, writing, cooking, baking, golfing, lifting, cycling, and more in my free time. I got my start in pageants when I won the title of Miss Adams County Fair Queen 2016.

Because of changes to the Miss Illinois Scholarship Pageant in light of Covid-19, I will serve as Miss Quincy for the 2020 and 2021 term. I will compete at Miss Illinois in June 2021 in Marion, IL.

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