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Civic education for all starts with you.

If you don't know history, you know nothing. 
You are a leaf that doesn't know it's part of a tree.

Emma Hildebrand - Miss Quincy 2020

Taking Initiative

Emma Hildebrand - Miss Quincy 2020

When I ran for Miss Quincy, I chose a "platform" to run on - now called a "social impact initiative." My initiative is titled "Empower the People: Civic Education for All" and aims at spreading civic knowledge and engagement throughout the community of Quincy, Illinois. However, I hope to be able to spread that knowledge much further. 


In a time with divisive rhetoric spreading across news outlets, social media hubs, and even in the classroom, comprehensive civic education has the power to bond us together. Through an educated lens it becomes easier to see someone you disagree with as a neighbor rather than an enemy.


This website will help me circulate information about news, politics, voting, volunteering, and being more involved in the community of Quincy, the state of Illinois, and the United States of America.









What is civic education?

Education related to the duties or activities of people in relation to their town, city, state, or country. 
Education related to citizenship or being a citizen.

The State of Illinois is one of only 30 states that currently require one semester of civics in high school in order for a student to graduate - only nine states require a full year. There is no community service requirement - only one state has that. Furthermore, the curriculum need not contain specific information that equips students with the ability to continue their civic education far after high school. 

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